Ramsey's Praise (Praise Him Anyhow Series, #4)

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Ramsey's Praise (Praise Him Anyhow Series, #4)

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Length: 121 pages2 hours


Love was something Ramsey Thomas could do without... that is, until the beautiful Maxine Dawson walked into his life. The first time he saw Maxine, she was carrying roses. The next time, she was carrying a baby. Ramsey was intrigued by this woman and all of her antics. But Ramsey is harboring hurts from past relationships that just might destroy all hopes of marriage and a baby carriage. 

Maxine has fallen in love with Ramsey, but she is carrying secrets that have left her wounded and afraid to move forward with her life in the manner that God designed for her. For their love to work, Ramsey and Maxine must allow God to work on their hearts and release them from their fears. 

But for Ramsey, the key lies in his praise.

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