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Road Trip, a Whisperings Paranormal Mystery Short Story - Linda Welch

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Please, Jack whined.


Pretty please, with chocolate chips and whipped cream on?

I rolled my eyes. How many times do I have to say it? I am not driving you to Mesquite.

But we haven’t heard from him in months. He didn’t return your calls. Something is wrong.

"Not calls, Jack. I left one message three days ago."

Jack stomped the floor. Or he would have, had he a physical body to stomp with, but he went through the motions. Why do people have answering machines if they don’t return messages?

I bit my lower lip in an effort to retain a modicum of patience. I was not unsympathetic, but there must be a reasonable explanation why Dale had not returned my call. I couldn’t go charging down to Mesquite at the drop of a hat because Jack demanded it.

Mac heaved up from where he lay near the pantry, curled his upper lip and snarled.

Don’t you dare, Jack snarled back.

Mac picked up speed until his gait was more run than amble as he headed in Jack’s direction. Jack back-pedaled right through the table, missing me by inches. Shades have gone through me before and although I don’t physically feel anything, it still makes me think eww!

Stop it, you disgusting little brute, Jack spat.

Mac snuffled around the table. Jack moved to stand in the middle of it. He looked so weird with the table cutting him in half at the hips, I laughed through my nose. Relax, Jack. It’s not as if he can take a chunk out of you.

Jack’s nose went up in the air and he turned his head from me. At least he didn’t jabber while concentrating on giving me the cold shoulder.

Not hearing from Dale was odd. I acted as an intermediary for him and Jack, he came to Clarion every other month or so for that reason. And in between times he liked to call and leave funny, cute little messages, ostensibly for me but actually for me to pass on to Jack. However, I could think of reasons we had not heard from him. He went on a three-week cruise and cell reception on a ship is spotty. Then he stayed with a friend in the Rocky Mountains and I bet he didn’t get reception up there, either.

The Rocky Mountain thing was for a week. He should’ve come back two weeks ago.

He was having such a good time he decided to stay longer,