Praise For Christmas (Praise Him Anyhow Series, #6)

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Praise For Christmas (Praise Him Anyhow Series, #6)

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Length: 62 pages1 hour


A new baby, a wedding and an unexpected illness all collide to make this Christmas one that the Marshall-Thomas family will never forget. 

Carmella Marshall-Thomas loves Christmas and all of the festivities and cookie baking that comes with it. When she is diagnosed with an illness that brings about a lifestyle change, her family begins praying for her health. But with Renee’s wedding a few days before Christmas and three unexpected babies popping up, Carmella is not the only member of the Marshall-Thomas family in need of prayer. 
Spend this Christmas with the Marshall-Thomas family and rejoice with them as they praise God even as they go through some of the biggest challenges of their lives.

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