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Leaving the Gypsy Life

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The Irish Travelers came to America during the Great Potato Famine in the 1840’s. Unlike most groups though, the Travelers didn’t assimilate, rather they banded together in clannish communities, speaking their own language, called Cant. During most of the year, they traveled, as indicated by their name, working at home repair jobs or selling tools, returning to their villages for the winter. They were often mistrusted by law enforcement and those they called the "settled people". They were accused of being scammers and cheats, and this was sometimes true, although not always.

Farran, Devlin and Nicky Coffey grew up as Travelers until their parents decided to leave the gypsy life to join the world of “settled people” on a farm called Persimmon Bend. Each boy adapted to a completely different life in his own way. Dark, intense Farren achieved while keeping in the secretive shadows. Brightly blonde Devlin won entry into the hearts of his new neighbors with pure charm. Shy, awkward Nicky embraced the predictable stability of staying in one familiar place.

This is their story.

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