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The Fethafoot Chronicles: The Ancient Omen: The Arrival

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Australia, around 240BP: There is an ancient legend of forewarning within the great Heart-rock land that has been maintained religiously by my enigmatic, often infamous Fethafoot Clan, since the Dreamtime gave way to the present Dreaming-reality. The legend tells of a colossal tribe of pale-skinned Ghost-people, who had gradually disappeared from the Dreaming cycle many, many generations earlier. The saga begins with the legendary Fethafoot warrior Yungurra-bih-Mah, as he travels through the eastern coast of what is now Queensland, on his way to Eora lands to meet his uncle and clever-man: the infamous Pemulwuy, of the Bidjigal people. What he finds there, will change his own and his people’s lives forever.

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