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The Wasteland Chronicles



This omnibus edition of the best-selling Wasteland Chronicles series contains the first three books, together for the first time at a discount price. The books has been updated from their originals and together contain approximately 40,000 words of new content.

Apocalypse: Sixteen-year-old Alex Keener must struggle for survival when the deadly xenovirus invades his U.S. government Bunker - a virus resulting from the impact of the meteor, Ragnarok, in 2030.

Origins: Alex and friends must journey over hundreds of miles of post-apocalyptic desert to discover the origins of the deadly xenovirus. But when they reach the Great Blight, they find the virus is far more dangerous than previously thought.

Evolution: As two months pass, the xenovirus only grows in lethality, spawning monsters that humanity simply cannot match. It becomes a race against time before the virus engulfs the planet.

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