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Arthur, Rex Eternus

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King Arthur is one of the greatest legends of all time. The story of Arthur is a complex, and has been written by numerous writers for different purposes over a dozen centuries. To some, King Arthur was a mythic figure, never having lived, created to establish a line of descent. To others, King Arthur was a composite of numerous men who’d fought against the Saxon wave of immigration and invasion. They assert that Arthur was made from portions of each man, conflated and inflated in achievements, and given a name to cap off the semi-fictional figure. And finally, some persist that Arthur, King of the Britons, was a historical personage, having lived in a dark age of record keeping, but who in fact inspired the stories, and is remembered for deeds which, if they are lost to history in detail and clarity, nonetheless existed, and happened. This incredible work contains vivid poetry about King Arthur, his life, his loves, his foes, his wars, and his legend.

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