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Beyond the Cultoid

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Beyond the Cultoid is a look at the cult-like characteristics of major institutions and beliefs of mainstream society. The famous 20th century philosopher and “anti-guru” guru Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Some years later, psychedelics researcher Terrence McKenna said “Culture is not your friend.” What do you think this means? Could it be that most of what you are taught is not for your benefit, but to condition you and make you satisfied with the status quo?

If these quotes resonate with you, you may be the perfect reader for Beyond the Cultoid. Both of those quotes are in the book, but quotes from famous people are only a very small portion of what's in here. The book is essentially a breakdown of how society is like a cult in so many different ways -nationalism, religion, pop culture, scientific materialism and even most alternatives.

Then I explore some of the ways we can possibly create a “post cultoid” society -as an individual, through political and economic alternatives and through updated versions of spiritual traditions such as Taoism, Hermeticism and the "Middle Path" that is recognized by so many philosophers and spiritual teachers.

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