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A Perfect Kind of Love

Length: 148 pages2 hours


Jaimie has been raised to believe that being self- sufficient and independent is a must. And despite her unusually small stature and urinary incontinence problems, she has worked hard to achieve just that, with a job, an apartment and a car all of her own.
But what happens when she meets a man who makes her question everything she thinks she knows about herself?

Despite the fact that their first couple of encounters were fraught with embarrassment on Jaimie's part, can Dane convince her that he's not only willing to accept her just the way she is, but that he actually wants her to be that way?

Can Jaimie learn to trust her heart and give love a chance?

Publisher's note: This novel contains age-play and mild spanking, with a heavy emphasis on diaper use. If any of this offends you, please do not buy this book.

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