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People think I have it all: I'm attractive, successful, have a great job, and can afford all the clothes, jewelry, and decorating for my townhome that my heart desires.

But all of that is nothing.

Because I'm the most insecure person I know. A 24-year-old virgin desperate to be loved, desperate to keep my secret:
I hate my body. It's ugly. And I know any man who sees me naked will hate it too.


Against all my better judgment, I heard myself blurt out, "I live right over there on the next block...." I could feel my cheeks flushing. He was good-looking. Taller than me, too. And he had a thin stream of blood running down his cheek, courtesy of my umbrella.
His face screwed up into a thousand different expressions. I was afraid he'd settle on the thanks-but-no-thanks one and be gone from my life before I ever knew his name.

She was gorgeous up close. Sprinkled with raindrops, frazzled, eyes alight, cheeks rosy as she profusely apologized. I was smitten. Dumbstruck, actually, that the woman with the legs that never ended happened to have a face that made you wince with its beauty.
But, of course, a woman like her probably had a boyfriend. And I was just a man who got her groceries spilled on him.

A novella, approx. 19K words

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