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Dark Moon

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Alessandra is a lonely, dark seeded young woman who decides to tell her story of how her life began as the black sheep and disturbed daughter of a typical middle class family; a mom who loves to bake, a father who is lost in a vintage world, a baby brother who is too cute for words and an older sister who is totally self absorded and unneccessarily obnoxious. Her only refuge is excaping the condemnation of her disfunctional family with her best friend Brie. Her best friend is her complete opposite; totally optimistic where Allesssandra is hopelessly pesimistic. A stranger stalks her and alters her emotions as he changes her life with intentions that she will soon find horrifyingly unwelcomed. Seventeen years in a world that didn't want her soon became a world of unexplainable circumstances and horrifiying night terrors...

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