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How to Retire in the Philippines

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This book is a further volume in the "How to Retire in ... " series. It is intended as an initial aid for pending retirees to choose to which country that may like to retire. In addition to a description of the country and a synopsis of its history it cover most topics in which retirees must take an interest. Such things include residence visas, pensions, banking, tax, climate, driving and time differences. There are many links to useful sites which will provide additional help and warnings about some which may cost a lot but provide little value. It is intended that much research time will be saved by using this book and others in the series. It is all too easy to become distracted and to waste much time when searching the web without specific directions in mind. This book and its companions will be a reference and an aide-memoire when the internet is not available, in a car, on a boat, when flying or in remote areas.

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