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One Grain Of Sand

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With the ‘root stock‘ of humanity dead, the remaining gene pool consisted predominantly of business ‘alpha’ males and business ‘alpha’ females, the super-rich. With ruthless efficiency, they engineered their own idea of the ideal society based on the only philosophy that they knew about, and that was of business acumen; they were the Aristocracy and the Elite. In the ‘business' of saving the human race from extinction there would not be any complications of relationship or ambition. The females would be the breeders, where the males had a known job role, which they were born and trained for, and when they died, that would be their son’s destiny too. It did not matter who you were there was nothing else for you other than to follow on with your bloodlines purpose, your very reason to be alive, ensuring the smooth running of the scheme of things.
Over thousands of years, many new worlds in the galaxy were colonised, but the Aristocracy and ruling Elite were totally blind to anything other than the success of it all. To them, they are doing what they were born for; securing a future for humanity without insecurity, conflict, or want. Everything in their reckoning was perfect. The records they were shown detailed the expansion process of new worlds continuing at an ever-escalating rate with a healthy trade system between them all.
The human flaws and rejects, and the throw-outs that this society had little use for were used as slave labour. Brutalised and oppressed, they had formed their own hidden society, a united and close community, steeped in honour and traditions. They were waiting to fight back, but needed that proverbial dislodgment of one grain of sand to start the cataclysmic avalanche of retribution, and the vengeance that was theirs.

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