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Length: 127 pages1 hour


Seventeen year old Daniel Snow a Chef from San Fransisco receives an email from someone claiming to be his Granddad. Apparently, He has some startling truths about humanity's plans for the future. The sender is on Earth one hundred years into the future trapped in another galaxy. Daniel's Uncle and Guardian Henry Bradford a Professor of Physics too has just been summoned to Washington in a haste to decipher a voice recording which scientists from the SETI research Institute in Mountain View think might be First Contact from an alien race. Daniel must make an unlikely and uneasy alliance with his Uncle, his colleague doctor Lynn and Eel, the sender of the email if they are to survive people determined to keep this a secret. Boundless is a sci-fi novelette that questions our place in this universe, our very beliefs, our knowledge of the origins of the universe, and our attempts at redefining what we think is impossible. It will also take you on vicarious Journey through time, with mind bending twists and turns until the most amazing climax.

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