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The Kidnapping of Inda Jackson

Length: 217 pages3 hours


From the languid old South to the dreaming spires of Oxford and finally to the burning sands of the Iranian desert, mark the journey of young Inda Jackson.

A contemporary story of a grandmother’s early love affair and her granddaughter’s first discovery of love come full circle, uniting two family dynasties, springing from the early plantations of Georgia and the ancient kings of Persia.

Orphaned since the age of five, Inda is raised by her grandmother, Lydia, and her circle of steel magnolias. With Lydia’s sudden death, Inda’s world implodes once again. But Lydia had secrets–a gold ring encrusted with rubies and sapphires that never left her finger, tear stained letters, and a faded photo at the bottom of her safety deposit box.

Attending Oxford University, Inda discovers a brighter world and, for her, the planets stop spinning when she meets graduate student, Philip Zand. His every look sets her heart afire and she is drawn to him as a moth to a flame. But there is a problem–they’re just friends. Everything changes when Inda is attacked by Ari, a rejected suitor. After Philip leaps to her rescue, he realizes that love has arrived on little cat feet. But nothing IS settled. Ari remains close by with danger right around the corner.

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