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Killing Iowa

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Danny Day is a young man on a mission.  He wants to kill the Iowa Caucus.  He doesn’t look like an anarchist.  He looks like a farmer.  There is no red bandanna over his face, no gasmask, no garbage can lid for a shield.  But the revolution he sparks is pure chaos.  His weapon is a silly sign on a broomstick.  His sign is two words, STOP VOTING!   killing iowa is a political thriller. The setting is an American presidential campaign.  The place is the Iowa Caucus.  first in the nation..  The story follows a dozen characters through seven days in Iowa, a week of corruption, blackmail, Big Corn, night flying Monsanto drones, CNN, the kidnapping of the U.S. Congressman, a small town sheriff, Iraqi war veterans, the FBI, crooked journalists, and just to complicate things, a snow hurricane, the Blizzard of the Century.  For the next two years we will be hearing about Iowa.   Hillary in Iowa, Jeb Bush in Iowa, Joe Biden in Iowa.. the buzz from Iowa.  CNN, MSNBC, FOX, TBS, even TMZ, all will be camped in Iowa.  Caucus, an Algonquian word that once meant “a gathering of tribes”, now represents a media swarm over frozen Iowa corn fields in the most archaic system of electing a President imaginable.  And Danny Day wants to kill it.  

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