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Kentucky Dreams

Length: 22 pages29 minutes


Jerry was disgusted totally and without reserve. He had paid cash for a sweet little car in Pineville Kentucky. Now less than 75 miles from where he bought it the damn thing fell apart, literately, one fender fell off as it lost a wheel and the engine threw a rod out the crankcase. Taking a deep breath he pulled his, backpack out of the trunk shouldered it and started walking.
He had walked for nearly three miles when the first car he had seen since his car broke down passed him. He stuck up his thumb but the driver sped up and passed on the other side of the road. A few minuets later an old beat up pick up truck came around the curve going in the other direction.
As it got closer it slowed and stopped when it was even with him a head of black curly hair and a pair of blue eyes leaned out the window and asked “you hiking or in trouble:”? He answered “In trouble I think”. “Well you aren’t gonna get out of it going that way the Sheriff down there don’t like transients”.

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