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Big Hairy Dudes: A Pair of Erotic Paranormal Short Stories

Length: 35 pages29 minutes


Dude, Your Fangs Are Huge, is the story of a woman who meets someone new, and they hit it off – until she hears something in the kitchen that evening and sees a large animal eating their leftover steaks. After calling 911 and the animal disappears, she finds her new boyfriend has an additional bonus when he doesn’t balk at going shopping in the mall, but a little while later, she finds out what he’s really like.

Bigfoot & The Lab Assistant: A young lab assistant is assigned the task of making love with Bigfoot to try to find out what makes the huge creature tick. She's able to speak with him using sign language, which she taught him. They find out that they do have a lot in common, and much more than sex, when she helps him to formulate a plan which will lead her on the greatest adventure of her young life.

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