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The Devil's In the Red

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The Prince of Darkness was dealt a heavy financial blow during the recession and with the recent increase in secularity among Americans, Satan finds himself struggling to find his customary religious opportunities and is forced to toil through a series of menial jobs to make ends meet. The Devil is forced to drudge through such humbling work as picking spinach and laboring along an electronics assembly line in Shenzhen, China. He worked as a nanny, a bathroom attendant, and as a hair shampooer before finally settling for work as a roofer during the humid Midwest summer.

The bills to cover his home expenses (operating an underground inferno with boundless hellfire that burns 24/7) are piling up. His gas bills are astronomical. On the job site, The Devil makes a new friend, an engaging young boy named Elvis, who’s common sense just may change Satan’s perspective and return The Lord of Flies to his former ominous glory.

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