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Just One More Night 1 (A Billionaire Love Story)

Length: 54 pages53 minutes


When I won an all-inclusive trip to a luxury Cayman Islands resort, I never expected to find myself standing in front of the most gorgeous man on the island – wearing only a bathrobe, showing off the kind of body I’d only ever seen on TV. And I certainly never expected him to ask me out on a date.

With his wavy brown hair and black eyes like pools into his soul, billionaire entrepreneur Blake Andrews broke down all the walls I’d built to protect myself like they were nothing, and I found myself falling for the man who made me feel the way no one else ever had.

Someone like him wasn’t supposed to want to go out with someone like me. After all, I was just an ordinary girl from Columbus, working a dead-end job while I made my way through nursing school. And yet, here we were, making plans to keep our relationship going once we left the island.

But just as Blake and I started looking towards our future together, my past came rushing back to haunt me. Can our relationship handle the secrets of my past? Or will I spend the rest of my life wishing Blake and I had just one more night?


This novella is the first part of a trilogy.
Previously published as Sunsets and Kisses 1.

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