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Her Favorite Vice

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She’s lived a quiet, reflective life, but circumstances have forced her to leave the sheltered walls of her commune. What’s a girl to do? You guessed it … she’s going to do a whole lot of living! You’ll love this wild romp through the temptations this bad, old world has to offer. Come along for the fun in Jan Darby’s hot, hot, hot tale of adventure, Her Favorite Vice.

Living within the stucco walls of the isolated, exclusively female commune known as the Community, Claire has never experienced any significant temptation. When she leaves the shelter of those walls to resolve recent attacks on the Community's financial stability, she plans to also experience the seven basic temptations that purportedly run rampant in the outside world.

Claire hitches a ride with Frank Robbins, a cynical lawyer-turned-trucker. He isn't interested in any sort of long-term partnership, at least not initially, but he's more than willing to help Claire choose Her Favorite Vice.

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