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Believe In Us

Length: 74 pages1 hour


Can the love between one man and one woman bind their spirits together throughout time? Explore the possibilities in Mary Warner’s passionate story, Believe In Us, where two people learn that love can last more than one lifetime!

Maria DiMaggio is at the top of her game when it comes to running her father’s multi-million dollar company, but when it comes to men, she is clueless. She’s been mourning over her ex-boyfriend, Michael, who she put on a pedestal after he died, refusing to see he was never there for her and didn’t cherish her. Her best friend, Quinn, is determined to help her move on with her life and find a man worthy of her. She humors him by going along to see a fortuneteller, who in Maria’s opinion, is a two-bit thief who gulls poor victims into spending money by pretending to foresee their future. Unfortunately, the Madam has told Maria a few things that seem to hit home and she can’t shake the spooky feeling that there may be some truth in what the old bird had to say.

Bradley Taylor is a free spirited, fun loving guy, until his mother dies and he finds out what his true place in life is and where his journey must take him. He has been having visions of a woman that he knows he has lived with before in a past life. And he must find her to complete his soul and live out the life he’s been destined to lead.

When Bradley and Maria meet, sparks fly and passion is ignited, but can he convince her of their destiny tighter, to believe in us?

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