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Bloodstained Ivy Halls

Length: 208 pages2 hours


There’s a serial killer on the loose in the hallowed halls of the university. Drawn into the investigation, Graeme, Diana, and Peter help in the search, using their own brand of special talents. With a killer on the loose in the bloodstained ivy halls, will learning the truth cost them their lives?

Fall has arrived in Philadelphia, but the season has more in store for Diana Glendower and her lovers Graeme Shepherd and Peter Oberon than a change in the weather. With Graeme in full health once more, it’s back to business as usual—classes, student excuses … and murder.

Graeme’s familiarity with ancient and obscure languages draws the trio into a serial murder investigation, each more brutal and worrisome than the last. As Graeme, Diana, and Peter explore the case in their own way, none of them expects that the killer is right under their very noses.

And this time one of them might not survive.

Content Notes: ménage, m/m/f

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