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Kasara's Children

Length: series


A female warrior far beyond his rank. A human male she has loved since childhood.

Tallas, a prominent officer on the desert planet of Kasara, believes that Earthling Sean Ryder wants nothing more than to return to his home after his parents are brutally murdered. She hides all her love and longing behind honor and will dutifully pilot him back to Earth--even though it might mean losing him forever.

What in stars was she thinking? Why would Tallas volunteer to take Sean--the boy she loved, the man she desired--home to earth? But Sean wants nothing more to do with Kasara or those who live on Kasara. What else can she do but give him what he wants--freedom?

And yet . . . their journey to Earth includes months locked together on a small space craft, a crash landing on an uncharted planet, a battle with a deadly enemy, and then, once they finally reach Sean's home planet, a compelling reunion with Sean's extended family, who welcomes her as if . . . as if they can tell Sean's in love with her. Tallas knows there's something between her and Sean--something strong, something permanent. Now all she has to do is make Sean see it before he does something stupid . . . like send her home without him.

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