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The Solarian Raven

Length: 153 pages2 hours


The year is 1312.

For Richard de Reincolt the mark of the Raven, the Realm healer, has become a burden. Richard must absorb the life pain of each person he touches and his mind sense is exhausted. Deciding to abandon his vocation, he joins with one of Robert the Bruce Scottish clans.

Richard is happy with the arrangement until he meets the one pure soul who will help him heal. With his cleansing he forges a deep, abiding love.

Megan McKinney is a beautiful spirit, clean of burdens. Revered by her clan, she has an uncanny natural healing ability towards animals. A perfect fit for Richard.

Unfortunately, an evil force is at work, and kidnapping Megan is the way to fire up an age-old clan feud.

Can Richard save Megan?

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