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Touch of Evil

Length: 373 pages6 hours


A stolen sister, a desperate plan...

Sebastian Kane. Handsome. Intelligent. Deadly. He's a centuries-old vampire with an insatiable lust for power. He intends to use Evelyn Murphy’s sister in his pursuit of that lust. Desperate to save her sister, Eve contacts Cyrus Tanner. Together with his grandson and long time friend, Ash Marshall, they agree to help her, if only to get a chance at Sebastian themselves.

White hot passion, mind numbing fear...

When Eve first lays eyes on Ash, she feels a sharp punch of attraction. The blue-eyed vampire feels it too, but his secrets run deep. He chooses to hide what he is, even as the heat of desire burns between them. When Ash and Eve are captured, their passion explodes in the face of the danger surrounding them. Their escape and reunion with Eve's sister brings them one step closer to a final confrontation with Sebastian ... one that could prove deadly for all.

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