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What Alice Wants

Length: 109 pages2 hours


What Alice wants, Alice gets. And what little Alice wants is to save her career! Of course, getting what she wants isn’t always easy, what with a greedy nephew hindering her at every turn and an amorous chauffeur who wants nothing more than to get her into bed. Jump into the mystery with Jan Darby’s wickedly witty tale, What Alice Wants.

Alice wants it all:

To maintain her career as a successful probate lawyer;

To find the will her client, now deceased, hid in his mansion;

To stop the greedy nephew from destroying the will that would disinherit him;

To convince Chuck, the client's chauffeur, to help her find the will; and

To avoid a romantic entanglement with Chuck, who has awaked her long-suppressed libido.

Chuck wants just one thing: Alice.

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