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The Orca King

Length: 100 pages1 hour


Bound through time by a mystical thread, Marian Wines is about to enter the mystical world of The Orca King. You’ll be caught in the web as Darragha Foster weaves her magical tale of finding true love.

Who says true love waits? True love makes waves! Able to swim with the Orca as their king or walk the earth as a regal, sensual man, Chief Tamanass "Big Tom" Tyee, has awaited the return of his true love for over a hundred years.

Marian Wines is nursing a broken heart and a bad case of the horny-lonelies as she embarks on a sunset whale watching excursion. She steps onto the fair vessel Solar Flare expecting an interesting and educational cruise. She steps off the vessel, mesmerized by the mystical nature of her contact with the rogue male Orca known as Ghost Father.

Meeting by chance in the forest after Marian’s car dies, she finds herself strangely drawn to the well-spoken handsome Native American man who comes to her rescue at the end of a forgotten “Lover’s Lane” tucked away deep in the woods.

Big Tom exposes the binding threads of their connection in the form of sexually stirring and wildly intimate vision quests. More than just learning a new way to interpret the phrase whale rider, Marian’s journey of discovery reveals to her who she was in a past life-and who she really is in the present.

The Orca King is one whale of a romance!

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