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Perfect Match

Length: 94 pages1 hour


What if your first Dom was your second chance at love? Hunter’s not sure what to expect when he goes to the BDSM partner-matching service, Playmates, but he certainly didn’t expect to meet sexy, confident Milo, the male Dom who may turn out to be exactly what he needs. Cecil Wilde brings you Perfect Match, Book 1 of his new GLBT romance series.

After years of thinking about it, Hunter’s finally taking the plunge into BDSM by going to the partner-matching service, Playmates. He’s not sure what he wants, but his answers and interview get him matched with Milo, an experienced Dom whose lack of interest in S&M makes him unsuitable for many, but perfect for Hunter—even if he’s never slept with a man before. Their sessions make Hunter realize that this is exactly what he’s always needed, but when his ex—the one who got away—comes back on the scene, Hunter finds himself faced with an impossible decision. Will he go back to her or take a chance on the man who might just be his perfect match?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, D/s Elements, Contemporary, GLBT, M/M, BDSM

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