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The Dominion Pulse

Length: 400 pages5 hours


Control of the worlds beats within the dominion pulse.

After losing his father to Elathan, Brendan and Lizzie are forced to regroup, recover, and come to grips with the immense responsibility that has been thrust upon them. Faced with the golden god's aggressive plans to free his powerful allies and seize control of Otherworld, Brendan and his friends must seek their own power and enlist the help of the wise goddess Bibe.

As the worlds becomes further marred in darkness, the heroes must work against time if they want to save Otherworld––and themselves.

“Once again Brad LaMar did a phenomenal job writing an amazing story and creating a world I loved reading about.”Because Reading is Better Than Real Life blog

‘Brad LaMar's third installment of this series is one that has, and will be, well read and well loved - creased pages included.”Valentine, Verified Purchaser

“My students can't stop talking about this book.” Jeremy, Verified Purchaser

The Celtic Mythos

1. The Obsidian Dagger
2. The Megalith Union
3. The Dominion Pulse
4. The Bloodright Inheritance

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