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The Bellini Series

Length: series


Loyal and trustworthy, Sal Bellini, cousin to Sebastian and Enrico Bellini, has always been the heart of the family. Although, he grew up in their shadows, Sal is the voice of reason to both brothers. The quiet, reserved man is the one that Sebastian leans on; while Ricci considers his closest friend and brother.

When he and Ricci fall for the same girl in their Ninth Avenue neighborhood, Sal is brokenhearted to discover that Lizzie has been won by the charismatic Ricci. Hiding his pain, Sal relinquishes her but continues to secretly worship Lizzie from afar. Unbeknownst to him, Ricci has accidently uncovered Sal’s secret and when it is brought out into the light after many years, it pushes their friendship close to a breaking point.

Self-exiled in peaceful solitude, Sal is unprepared when Greer Nolan walks into his life and gently pulls his attention to her.  Once he surrenders to Greer’s charms and falls in love with her, Sal realizes that by loving her, he may be forced to pay a high price that could well cost him his life. 

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