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Your Idols & Everyday Events: Snoopy Going to the Bank

Length: 6 pages3 minutes


An epic journey of the everyday variety unfolds as we take a vicarious romp through the minds of some of the most revered figures of all time.

Ever wonder how those famous icons throughout history, throughout fiction, throughout the world over go about doing menial tasks? Neither has anyone else, until now. This collection of quirky, shameless, and insightful prose retells the brief accounts of the not so important moments in the lives of important people.

YOUR IDOLS & EVERYDAY EVENTS documents the humorous and harrowing endeavors undertaken by individuals an indolent society has come to idolize. This book will have you laughing out loud with lingering navel-gazing. Steeped in metaphor and allegory, this series of impromptu prose challenges pre-conceived notions with witty flare and zany guile.

Rewriting the past, present, and fiction!

* George Washington Texting!
* Helen Keller Waiting for a Bus!
* The Dhali Lama Washing a Car!
* Paris Hilton Taking a Bath!
* Kanye West Getting Gas!
* Over 50 more original short stories and photographs!

YOUR IDOLS & EVERYDAY EVENTS is the perfect coffee table book that everyone should own!


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