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Each book in the Extinction Series can be read as a standalone.

"One love. One breath. One heartbeat. In this lifetime and the next I will always follow your soul."

Demon hunter London Takahashi never imagined the words she whispered to the sexy Lucas Maserati in the heat of passion could bind her heart and soul to a creature she is born to hunt and kill.

And never in a million years could she have predicted she'd marry the legendary demon known for his fierce fighting skills and unwavering commitment to duty above all else, including matters of the heart.

But she whispered the words, married the demon, and he isn't happy with the arrangement.

"Never in a thousand lifetimes would I have thought Fate would choose my mate."

Priding himself as one of the great Elites, Lucas never wanted matrimony, blissful or otherwise. And he sure as hell wouldn't fall for the young hunter that had ensnared him with her binding words.

He's seen love destroy lives, and it's best he keeps his distance from his stubborn and brave wife.

But when he discovers London has a zero chance of surviving her next mission, he must make a choice. Let her continue to fight her own battles. Or make a drastic decision that will test their marriage and forever change their lives.

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