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What if you had everything you ever wanted? What if you had cars, companionship, clothes, homes and all of it in abundance? What if you were considered one of the “beautiful people”?

Presley DuBois is all of those things and more. She is stunningly attractive with long, dark, wavy hair; a slim yet well proportioned figure; and the ability to mould herself into the needs of her various clients. She is charming, witty and intelligent; all qualities that the men who hire her desire. She is a paid public escort, hired to attend parties, red carpet events and more on the arms of the most desirable and attractive men in the area. She is a confidante, “arm candy”, and occasional companion who uses her chameleon-like skills to meet their individual needs.

Presley DuBois is a beautiful lie.

When she begins to develop more than physical yearnings for her only lover, Sebastian, Presley is reticent to consider leaving the lucrative escort business for life in the rural backwoods of Louisiana. Her decision, it seems, becomes moot when Sebastian falls prey to a terrible accident that claims his life.

Set against the back drop of raucous New Orleans and it’s surrounding area, Presley loves with steamy, detailed abandon. She is selective in her partners and strives for control as her first agenda. When her new love interest asks her to give him all of her, she is stunned. What does that mean? Does she even know how to be herself after years of living in masquerade?

Presley, though it seems a daunting task, is determined to face her circumstances head on and make changes that frighten her. She will tackle her past, wrestle with her present and step off into an unlikely future all in the name of exposing herself to a new, more authentic life.

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