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Spice Ebooks Anthology: Welcome to the Party (three paranormal erotic shorts)

48 pages28 minutes


Three panty-soaking paranormal erotic stories bundled for your pleasure. Over 6000 words of lust and love, including:

Bound by a Warlock by Scarlett Rowan
In this fantasy and legend erotic story, a horny Will-o-Wisp encounters a handsome stranger, but will she hand over her lantern and escape its curse, or give in to her carnal desires?
"I moaned and wantonly reached between our bodies for the laces of his breeches and untied them. I placed my hand upon his thick shaft and rubbed it up and down, sliding my hands along its length and marveling at the sight of it. Oh Gods, I had dreamed of this for so long. A thick hard cock. And now here it was, in my delicate, pale hands."

Interview with the Fae by Mona Alps
In this fantasy and folklore humorous erotic tale, an anthropologist meets a hot-for-it banshee. Will she succumb to her first ghostly lesbian encounter?
Interview with the Fae is the result of years of intensive research and living amongst the Little People. It is with great pride that I present this collection of interviews that finally reveal the major concern of the Fair Folk; sex and potatoes. You're welcome.

Cinder Ed and his Horny Stepsisters by Verity Vixxen
In this twisted fairy tale erotic, Cinder Ed is used to pleasing women, whenever they desire. Can his tongue win him a princess?
"...Cinder Ed strode on until he came to the main throne room. Here, at the base of the dais, a dozen of the most aristocratic ladies sat in high backed chairs. Each had her hair in a perfect style, makeup unsmudged, but each had their long ball gowns up around their waists, their legs spread wide, and men knelt before each of them, pleasuring their hungry pussies with eager mouths..."

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