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Her Master Match

Length: 276 pages4 hours


Jonathan Smitt hates the fact he needs help. When Ace Masters calls requesting help with his business Jonathan hopes things are turning around. Unfortunately, his dance with misfortune isn't over yet. His ex-wife’s lover calls with a cryptic message, insinuating disaster if Jonathan doesn’t cooperate.

Visiting her best friend in Colorado, nanny Nikki Bradford is taking a break from her career. Actually, she's taking time to figure out what to do since her last assignment ended sooner than expected thanks to her meddling father. She hasn’t made any decisions yet when Ace’s friend Jonathan Smitt moves back to town and needs help with his kids. Despite a less than friendly meeting, Nikki agrees to help.

Jonathan Smitt’s only redeeming feature is his love for his children. His devotion to them is obvious, almost as obvious as his low opinion of relationships. That's not a problem for her. She gave up on hearts and romance years ago. She has no problem taking care of his children. At least, she didn't think she did. With him calling to check every hour or so, maybe he doesn't even trust her that far.

Can the two of them come together to save the family? Will Nikki finally overcome her past and find the strength to help Jonathan fight? Can Jonathan recover from his wife's betrayal and allow Nikki close enough to love?

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