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Gus Mackie Novella series



Gus Mackie was relaxing in his new office in a better part of Detroit when he saw the young girl in front of his building. She was reading the sign in the window telling the world that a private investigator worked there. Gus could see she was homeless and went to open the door as she stood looking apprehensive. She finally came in and told Gus about how she wanted to find her mother who gave her up for adoption when she was a child. The girl lived on the streets most of her life and wanted a family now. Gus takes the case and offers her a place to stay, as Angela, Gus’ daughter, takes the girl under her wing and gives her a new look. Gus brings his police detective friend, Bernie, along as they both go track down the girl’s family. Does her mother want to see her, or not. Does her family welcome her into their home and will her past homeless acquaintances try to make money off of her new found wealth. Questions, searches and danger put everyone in the hunt for her family. Will she be reunited with them? This is the fourth novella of the Gus Mackie series.

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