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Z Series



Gabrielle has had a hard time the past few days: she’s been committed to a psychiatric hospital, beaten, abused, but mostly she’s been thrown around and hurt by her own nightmares.

Saved and taken under the wing of a handsome young lawyer named Parfait, Gabrielle is now free to learn more about her curse.

But when Parfait, who’s already risked his life to rescue her, takes the blame for her injuries, what heart-wrenching decision will she have to take? Will she risk hurting him, or will she find the strength to give up the frail security he’s given her to protect him?

NIGHTMARZ: SQUID ROW is episode 3 of the Z Series, and is about 11,000 words long (around 44 pages).

The whole series is intended for an adult audience. It contains foul language, disturbing scenes of sex or violence, and may trigger panic attacks.

For new readers, the first episode is NIGHTMARZ: ASYLUM. Please make sure you read them in order!

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