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A Thing for Zombies

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It's funny, the things you get used to seeing, now that they've passed the Undead Amnesty laws. Funny how quickly you learn to ignore them. But then one of them walks in like this and you realize there are some things you'll just never get used to.

Like zombies wearing g-strings.

Seventeen-year-old Kevin Velasco is about to have his heart broken.

As if crushing on his lifelong best friend, Jamie, weren't bad enough, she's obsessed with someone else, or...some thing: the Undead. How
can a guy compete against that?

So, when an attractive young zombie shows up at the pool where they lifeguard, Kevin becomes desperate. But his pushing forces Jamie to
make a mind-blowing confession, leaving Kevin to wonder how far she's willing
to go for the Undead.

And, more importantly, how far is he willing to go to win her back?

A Thing for Zombies is a title from the short story collection Insomnia: Paranormal Tales, Science Fiction and Horror.

Tags: dark humor, horror, short story, young adult, suspense, undead.

Ages: young adults and older.

Length: approx. 10,500 words

Saul Tanpepper is a writer of short stories and novels of speculative fiction for the undead of all ages. He lives in Northern California. Please visit him at his home on the web:

A note from the author:

Dear Reader,
If you're a classic zombie lit fan, then you will find a different twist on the Undead in the premise of "A Thing for Zombies."

The idea for the story rose out of a conversation I had with a fellow zombie writer. I was griping about all the vampire romance stories being published. We both joked about what a world might look like where zombies didn't just walk among us, but might even be potential love interests. We had a good laugh and went our separate ways.

Later, mulling over this discussion, I wondered what would make a The image of a zombie in a g-string came to me. After an initial reaction of repulsion, I decided to explore the idea further. Out of this image came the seed of this story.

This is not, however, a zombie romance, but a tale of a young man trying to win the affections of the young lady he loves. And if the "competition" happens to be the Walking Dead, well, it lends itself to a bit comedy. Just be prepared for a twist.

I hope you enjoy reading "A Thing for Zombies" as much as I enjoyed writing it.
San Francisco, CA
September 21, 2011

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