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Ghosts And Shadows

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Are you ever too old to have your heart broken? Does Happily Ever After have an expiration date? Why would a happily married woman walk away from her husband of 36 years and refuse to see or talk to him, or even breathe the air of the same city?
Those are the questions that torment 57-year-old Jacksonville banking executive Hugh Davidson after his 57-year-old wife Mary walks out of his life in “Ghosts and Shadows.” Hugh is a high ranking executive with the Hunt Banks, the largest private bank in the Southeastern United States. He’s the problem solver, the fixer and he gets the tough ones.
But he can’t hold onto his wife and he can’t find out why she chose to throw away her life with him. But the toughest question facing Hugh is after 36 years of loving one woman, can he possibly make a life without her?
The story of Mary and Hugh touches on other lives including a beautiful and wealthy bank owner and the school teacher husband who found the gap between their two worlds too great to cross, a hard nosed but compassionate prosecutor with his own marital difficulties, and a cop whose world is crumbling on Christmas Eve.
Everyone has a story. Read “Ghosts and Shadows,” to find out how they come together.

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