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Josephine is free. Free from the machinations of Augustus. Free from the overbearing hand of the Empire. Free from the constant bickering with Grant Black. Free to live in her own home, on her own terms. Free to explore the extent of her powers. Finally free.

However, Max is not. With every passing day his blood bond with Josephine grows stronger. Every day finds his will more subverted; his ability to act on his own less; his adoration of her more obsessive. Too much distance from his puppet mistress brings on horrible, crippling anxiety attacks. Neither of them knows how to break the bond; Josephine fears she may not even want to. And poor Max has no wants of his own — none that he can give voice to, anyway.

And a miracle baby’s work is never done. Soon she finds herself being hounded by Hunters. Surveiled at her house, followed in public, harassed while out for a bite; they claim to have an anonymous client who just wants to arrange a meeting. But who on earth would want to meet her? Who wouldn’t go through the Empire to arrange a formal meeting? Who would dare hire Hunters? Even if this client exists, how far can she trust people who have dedicated their existence to slaying vampires? Can she even decline the invitation without igniting another war?

Forced to walk the ever-finer line between love and habit, Josephine must decide what's a burden and what's a responsibility — and how far she's willing to go to become the vampire she was meant to be.

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