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The Longest Journey Classroom Edition

Length: 367 pages5 hours


Forster's second novel, The Longest Journey, is an emotional bildungsroman described by the author himself as the book "I am most glad to have written." The novel follows the character of Rickie Elliot from his Cambridge days through a problematic engagement and involves compelling secondary characters such as the illegitimate half-brother Rickie never knew existed. Lionel Trilling described the novel as "Perhaps the most brilliant, the most dramatic, and the most passionate of [Forster's] works." This classroom edition contains questions for discussion after each of the thirty-five chapters and also for the entire novel. Professors may choose to order the classroom edition for the entire class or order the novel-only edition (ISBN 978-1495318696) for the class and the classroom edition for themselves. Any reader should gain insight into the novel from this classroom edition.

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