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Legendary Locals of Ashland

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A century and a half of close-knitted community spirit, independent-mindedness, and a strong sense of stewardship have uniquely melded into present-day Ashland. Behind that patchwork of local ingenuity, artistry, and infamy are the faces of thousands--too many of whom are not mentioned within the pages of this book. There were hundreds of generations of Shasta Native American families that lived off the hills and creeks where Ashland now sprawls, but their abodes were abandoned and replaced by the lumber and flour mills, cleared streets, and painted homes of Ashland Mills. The sense of spirit and enthusiasm instilled by Ashland's early settlers bred the town's participation in the Chautauqua cultural movement, the remnants of which harbor Ashland's world-renown Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which paved the way for a former mill town's future prosperity. That spirit of ingenuity and artistry continues to shape Ashland and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually to the quaint town nestled below the mighty crest of Siskiyou Pass along the Oregon-California border.

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