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How To Be Alone (But Not Lonely)

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Loneliness has been described as a modern problem that can affect our health as badly as smoking or obesity. Yet, many people yearn for solitude and space in our busy, people-filled society. This booklet explores what it means to be alone in modern society, including the serious effects of loneliness, the useful possibilities of solitude and the influence modern society has on both these things. Ultimately, it provides some practical ideas on how to both reduce our loneliness and explore the benefits of solitude (if we want to).

This booklet is one of a series by Life Squared. Our booklets explore important topics and ideas, and provide practical suggestions on ways you can improve your life.

Life Squared is a not-for profit organisation that helps people to live well - to live happy, wise and meaningful lives within the pressures and complexity of the modern world. We aim to provide you with ideas, information and tools to help you get more out of life, see things more clearly and live with greater wisdom. We offer guides, courses, ideas and advice on a wide range of topics, from ‘how to get involved in your community’ through to ‘how to choose your own pace of life’, and from ‘the problem with consumerism’ through to ‘how to be happy’.

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