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When Listening Comes Alive

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Foreword by Norman Doidge MD author of The Brain's Way of Healing In When Listening Comes Alive, Paul Madaule re-awakens a skill that we all have - a skill that can improve communication, creativity and learning, allowing a fuller and more energetic life. Paul demystifies Listening Training as both clinician and client. Diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, he experienced a remarkable recovery with the help of Dr Alfred Tomatis. Since then, at The Listening Centre in Toronto, Paul has helped thousands of people for over 35 years. He has summarized listening training and has included a unique selection of "Earobics", daily exercises to develop and improve your listening skills. This is a book about listening through life - for parents-to-be, hard working professionals, teachers, early childhood educators and parents seeking help for children with learning disabilities, ADHD or in the autistic spectrum. When Listening Comes Alive is a guide to a better and more fulfilling way of living.

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