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The Warning: Book One of Code Red: Zebras Have Red Stripes

Length: 310 pages4 hours


BOOK 1 CODE RED: ZEBRAS HAVE RED STRIPES THE WARNING   Recently widowed, she was left with complicated relationships from Himself (her pet name for her former husband). The Southside of Minneapolis had become dangerous. The police were at her doorstep. She needed to hire a security detail for protection until she sold the property and could unravel the questionable business dealings she had inherited from his death. But the question is just how much protection would she need?  Should she hire a steaming-hot Latin who was a former Special Forces’ top interrogator, and who now works for a Fortune 500 international banker? Just looking into his eyes, causes her to lose her breath. Or will a slightly rough-around-the-edges, over qualified, downtown Minneapolis businessman, and CEO of an international security agency who, was deeply indebted to her dead husband, make a better choice?  In the end it will take an act of Congress, and a lifelong shield of Yankee White to protect her.

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