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Saving Grace: A Christian Romance Novel: Glen Ellen Series, #2

Length: 195 pages3 hours


Saving Grace is Book #2 of 2 Christian Romance books and the conclusion to the Glen Ellen Story. This book continues the story of Kevin Pierce's struggle to overcome the guilt he feels for being responsible for the loss of his niece Sarah and a teenage patient named Rachel. He makes the bittersweet journey toward healing with the support of an unlikely friend, Rachel’s mother who asks him to join her on the path toward recovery. This story highlights Kevin's fears, his attraction to Stephanie, and the choices he must make between true love in a small town and a successful career in the big city.

*This book is the conclusion to the Glen Ellen Story. If you have not read the Preview of Book #1 Fall From Grace, please be sure to download it first.*

In this second book, Kevin Pierce recommits his life to God, and with Stephanie by his side, takes the beginning steps toward healing from the past. Together they begin to build a deeper relationship that leads to more than just friends who help each other rebuild their lives. As Kevin starts to get his life back on track and begins to develop feelings for Stephanie, another setback occurs when his Uncle Thad dies and wills the medical practice in LA to him. Forced to return to LA, he leaves Stephanie behind to continue her journey of healing without him. Will Kevin ultimately choose to stay in LA to take over his uncle’s lucrative practice or will he sacrifice everything to be with the woman he loves?

Stephanie Knight follows through with her commitment to help Kevin rise above the debilitating depression that keeps him prisoner. As she succeeds in getting Kevin to see there is hope for a better future and to trust God with the direction for his life, she can’t help but find herself falling in love with him. But when Stephanie finds out that Kevin must return to LA to help his aunt cope with the loss of her husband, she can’t help but feel disappointment at the loss of another important person in her life. Sacrificing her own needs, Stephanie submits her desires to God and encourages Kevin to explore the opportunity God has blessed him with. Will Stephanie wait patiently for God to bring Kevin back to Mendocino someday? Or will she move on with her life?

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