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Divya: The Rainbow Child

Length: 183 pages7 hours


On one level, this is the story of a bright, inquisitive, affectionate child – Divya – who has to grapple with some of life’s toughest problems in her troublesome ‘destiny’ of cancer. And it is about her loving relationship with her Thatha, both grandfather and guru to her.

On another, it is philosophy in its purest, most fearless form: we are led to stare the big questions in the eye – “Who am ‘I’? What is ‘destiny’? What is ‘God’? Why do we suffer pain and illness? Why me? What is death? – and to find their true answers without settling for the watered-down versions that society commonly mouths and accepts as ‘safe’ formulations.

I finished the book in one sitting. It was gripping – every sequence is well-explained... The whole narration is a spiritual message that sets it apart from the general run of novels – making it really novel!
– Swami IshwaranandagiriMaharaj, SantSarovar, Mt. Abu

Provides a glowing picture of spiritual evolution – a message of hope for all of us, especially those suffering from any major ailment. This is a book to be as slowly savoured as an elixir promising eternal life.
– Dr.Anand K. Khakhar, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

True philosophy that transports us into the realm of eternity beyond the ephemeral. For those facing pain and suffering, this precious novel is a panacea giving freedom from all fears. A captivating, moving book!
– Yogacharya C. Sashidhar, SOHAM, Hyderabad

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