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Golden Age Essays V

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Volume 5 of my collected essays includes 17 new essays: Space as Infinity II: An Essay (Double Space) divides space into finite and infinite space to solve problems in physics. Dirigiplane: An Essay offers a balloon/plane hybrid. Waterworks: An Essay proposes pumping flood runoff upstream into aquifers to save water. Pollution Soup Cook: An Essay suggests using chemical reactions at ambient temperatures to detoxify the planet. Biblical Riddles: An Essay solves a few puzzles in the Bible. Evil Orwell: An Essay sees Orwell as a devious agent of totalitarianism. General Advice: An Essay suggests 8 concepts for the military science. Guns & Salvation: An Essay proposes using expanded volunteer militia to keep people armed in America. Truth & Faith: An Essay notes the problems between truth and faith. Peter Pederast: An Essay sees Peter Pan as a pederast fantasy. Jobmasters: An Essay proposes using controllers to match up resources to keep people employed. Mobile Loran: An Essay is a suggestion for a mobile navigation system that will help deal with rapid changes in frequency for future scientific use. City of Light: An Essay sees a new world of home/business industrial/agricultural homesteads linked by fiber optics. First Sin & Culture: An Essay looks at the influence of original sin on human culture. Peach Power: An Essay sees Caucasians as more peach colored than white, a satire on racism. Compound Interest: An Essay sees compound interest as a negative influence on economic growth and suggests replacing it with simple interest and bank investment partnerships with industry. Rome, Jews & the West: An Essay suggests Israelites founded Rome with local criminals, Jewish pogroms loaded the early Christian community with insincere adherents, corrupting the sect. It suggests Rome and later the church made alliances with pagan druids and witches in the Celtic/Teutonic areas of Europe, corrupting Christianity still further.

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