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Skullcrusher: The Very Best Weird Fiction 1927-1935

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SKULLCRUSHER is a definitive collection of classic weird fiction comprising the 20 very best stories by legendary pulp author Robert E Howard. These stories feature all of Howard's most famous creations Conan, King Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn plus others such as Cormac Mac Art, James Allison, Red Sonya, and Cormac Mcgeoffrey in a pulsating anthology of sword and sorcery, weird adventure, and occult horror in the vein of H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Stories include: RED SHADOWS, MOON OF SKULLS, WINGS IN THE NIGHT, THE SHADOW KINGDOM, THE MIRRORS OF TUZUN THUNE, KINGS OF THE NIGHT, WORMS OF THE EARTH, SKULLFACE, THE BLACK STONE, BLACK CANAAN, VALLEY OF THE WORM, RED NAILS, THE SCARLET CITADEL, QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST, BEYOND THE BLACK RIVER, THE PHOENIX ON THE SWORD, BLOOD OF BELSHAZZAR, THE GODS OF BAL-SOGOTH, SHADOW OF THE VULTURE, and SOWERS OF THE THUNDER. Howard conjures a pulp inferno of horror, black magic, obscene rites, bloody carnage, dismemberment and death, in a dark and violent universe which is all his own. With additional texts by HP Lovecraft and D M Mitchell.

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